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  • Top 10 Best Evil Bosses to Work For (and why it may be a bad idea)

    0 CommentsPosted by on October 8, 2011 under Cartoons, Comics, Featured, Lists, Movies
    In all walks of fiction, the hero usually travels alone, and at most has a small band of allies to follow along. Sometimes heroes band together and form teams, but rarely do they bulge beyond militia numbers. The villains, however, oh boy the villains. They are no strangers to having help. If the government wants to give out jobs, they need to release a few super criminals into the population. Ton... more.
  • 5 Toys We Loved (and Our Parents Hated)

    0 CommentsPosted by on July 10, 2011 under Lists, Toys
    Parents hate toys. However, parents do, at best, like to see their kid happy - and at worst see them shut up (and most are a mix of both). There are many toys your parents got for you, but there are some that will stick in our hearts for all our remaining years. The toys that defined our youth, the action figures we incorporated into every scenario our yet-uncorrupted imagination could think up. T... more.
  • Pokemon – 003 – Ash Catches a Pokemon!

    1 CommentsPosted by on June 15, 2010 under Featured, Reviews
    The moon landing, 9/11, and Ash catching his first Pokemon. Moments in television history that beg the question “Where were you when?” This episode chronicles the first Pokemon Ash ever caught. Oh sure it happens in the first 30 seconds of the show, and the Pokemon, Caterpie, was so weak that the blow to the head by the tossed Pokeball was enough to subdue it into said ball, but dammit that’... more.
  • Pokemon – 002 – Pokemon Emergency!

    1 CommentsPosted by on June 5, 2010 under Featured, Reviews
    After the thrilling conclusion to the first episode, it’s time to catch up with Ash and Pikachu, weary from battle. The bike melted by electricity (but Ash suffers only a few patches of dirt on his body – strong kid) Ash rushes to Viridian City, where our next character, Officer Jenny, announces to the whole town that shit is going down. Now it should be mentioned that there is a theory that f... more.
  • Pokemon – 001 – “POKEMON! I choose you!”

    0 CommentsPosted by on June 1, 2010 under Reviews
    So begins our wondrous journey into the world of Pokemon! The series opens with an intense battle that remains more climatic and stylized than the rest of the battles this season. So I hope you got your fill because that’s it for you, glutton. While Ash wishes he could be in the stadium sending out his own Pokemon, he sits and watches the battle unfold on TV, surrounded by Pokemon merchandise ... more.
  • Pokemon – Intro 01 – I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST (so long as it’s not too hard)

    0 CommentsPosted by on May 29, 2010 under Reviews
    So as will become a custom, I’m sure, the first review I’ll do of the quintessential children’s anime, Pokemon, is of its opening theme. While it’s not as memorable nor garners as much street cred as the Poke-Rap, it’s nonetheless part of the show, so let’s begin. Unless you followed a map to it, never stand on a giant X – you’re just asking to be sandbagged. We open with see... more.