The 10 Sexiest Comic Book Women

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The 10 Sexiest Comic Book Women

Making a list of hot comic book ladies is nothing new, I know, but can you really argue against talking about the sultriest girls of the paneled pages? I didn’t think so. So let’s get started!

#10: Tarot

TarotTarot is the star of the Wicca comic book series Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose. The story follows Tarot, her sister Raven, her boyfriend, and a promiscuous cat-girl Boo. What has allowed Tarot to gain attention and sales is a strong Wiccan following and a copious amount of giant tits. Mostly the tits.

Early on in the series nipples had a magnetic force that pulled any object it could to obscure it from being seen. As the issues went on, they grew more confident and soon nips were guaranteed every issue. Soon, the vaginas followed, and the already revealing armor began to fall apart in every battle Tarot was in (if she even made it far enough to put on the armor, that is).

Tarot is a witch who stands firm in her convictions and does what she can to fight for magical and human kind. The stories tend to lay the “Witches are people too” message on pretty thick, making Tarot come off as the really hot Goth chick you want to get with but have to put up with her endless rhetoric first. Is it worth it? Well, on tarot 2numerous occasions she has admitted to sharing multiple sexual partners, both male, female, and other (she once fucked nature – literally: see related pic), in public or in private, being conservative and experimental in bed, and let’s not forget about her willingness to be naked in any situation. Tarot pretty much fit into any fantasy you could dream up – and that’s sort of why she’s #10 in a list of 10. The character tries too hard to be sexual in every aspect, pleasing everyone.

#9: Emma Frost

Emma FrostEmma Frost came to be when comic book writers wanted to make a hotter, less crippled, Professor Xavier. Frost is quite uninhibited about her sexuality, proudly showing off her bombshell figure in a revealing costume – something that is just unheard of in the comic book world. What makes her so hot, however, is her abilityemma frost 2y to read minds.

Emma can determine exactly what you want and, pending it suits her needs as well, she’ll get it for you. Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, found himself ensnared by Emma’s sexual pull following the death of the other mind-reading-hottie Jean Grey. I guess he has a type.

Mind reading of course comes with downfalls. You can’t get away with anything around Emma. Her constant immersion in how people really think has made her far more accepting of the dumbest shit we think, but her standards are pretty damn high.



#8: Cassie Hack

Cassie HackCassandra Hack is the star of the horror series Hack/Slash. Her mother the first “slasher” (the term used for horror-themed killers) she put down and from then began to grow into a super hot monster killer. She travels in a van on limited means but still gets the job done – taking out monsters in each town she visits. She’s like a hotter version of Scooby-Doo.

While it is a matter of personal preference (and truth), Cassie’s punk rocker attire is what adds to her hotness. The thrown together outfits held together with spitCasey Hack (7) and pins adds a certain layer of “trouble” to her presence. Not to mention a spiked bat she’s always seen pictured with.

Another aspect that adds to her sexual attraction is she is a lesbian, which is always hot. Sure it means you would never be able to date her without a vagina, but she’s also a comic book character so there are other obstacles standing in your way, regardless of gender.

The alternative porn site Suicide Girls even recognized her appeal and did a spread of the monster-whacking-cutie. The reasoning, on Cassie’s part, was so she could attract a slasher to the set. Because, as you know, slashers are drawn to gratuitous nudity.



#7: She-Hulk

she hulk

A female version of a male hero is nothing new, meant only to attract female readers. However, these characters tend to just entice male readers, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The first step to creating a female version of a male hero is to make them related in some way. Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, and She-Hulk is He-Hulk’s cousin as well, Jennifer Walters. Next they have to have the same powers. When Walters was critically wounded, Bruce agreed to give her a blood transfusion. Along with the blood came with the gamma radiated…stuff that makes Bruce Banner turn into the she hulk 2Hulk. She-Hulk (sad that’s the best she could come up with) started off as savage but managed to tame the beast within and grew to prefer it over her normal Jennifer-self.

The hulk powers made Jennifer far more outgoing, confident, and all-around an awesome chick. Definitely someone you could have a beer with. Because of this, Shulk is both physically and mentally strong – not one for the guys who like submissive girls to be sure. Sure she  could kick your ass, but you’d love every second of it. Also, as an added bonus: green skin; and it has been proven that green-skinned girls are hotter because of it. Your biggest hurdle with her would be comparing to her past sexual conquest of the Juggernaut – which she will deny up and down but we all know it happened.


#6: Catwoman



There’s something so sexual about cat-based comic book women. Of all of them, however, Catwoman does it best. Selina Kyle is a notorious cat burglar and long-timcatwoman 2e flame of Batman. The two had immediate heat when they met, and since then have sort of had an on-and-off again relationship. Still, whatever her relationship status – she’s hot.

Nimble, agile, physically fit and curvaceous to boot. Her costume of a cat suit is by nature sexy, what with al the tight, black, leather and a deep, deep, DEEP neckline (perfect for storing jewels in her cleavage).

Catwoman has always been something of a sex symbol (as most women near Batman are) and will continue to be. Again, it’s mostly due to all the feline qualities she exhibits – grace, agility, beauty, mystery, and licking herself clean.


#5: Mystique

MystiqueThe blue bombshell’s inclusion on this list is no surprise to anyone who knows her powers. Mystique’s mutant power allows her to turn into any person – and that includes the lovely ladies on this list. Mystique, being a villain, is by nature sexier than the heroes on this list. Bad girls are just sexier, and in the comic book world the more evil you are, the more sexual you’re prone to be. mystique 2

Hell, Mystique wouldn’t even need to turn into anyone else to be hot. On her own she has the Crayola-colored skin thing going on, fiery red hair to contrast her blue skin, and piercing yellow eyes.

Mystique has never struck as a very sexual character, the writers more focusing on her work as a villain rather than sex symbol, but no amount of serious writing will take away from the fact that this mutant exudes heat. If the world could just see what mutated genes can do to a woman, I don’t think there would be nearly as many people protesting mutants in our schools.

Her greatest contribution? Since her appearance in the X-men movies as a naked, blue scaled, Rebecca Romijn, it is socially acceptable to go to comic book conventions naked and blue (as long as you have the build for it. I’m look at you, guys); as if we needed Rebecca to help us realize that fact.


#4: Power Girl

Power GirlCertainly no girl – more obviously a woman – Power Girl is the result of the comic book community looking at Supergirl and saying “I like her, but can she have bigger tits?”

PG has become a favorite of many thanks to the awesome art of her done by Amanda Conner (who sadly left the Power Girl series after only 12 issues). What helps set PG apart from other female comic characters (besides “those”) is her “meaty” frame. Compared to other characters, PG has a bulkier build, and is not nearly as skinny as other woman. Her face is a bit rounder, chubbier, without being outright fat in any regard.

Her good diet has led to her most famous attributes: her breasts. Thanks to a power girl 2viewing window on her costume, Power Girl has the most famous cleavage in comic books. Established as larger than other women in her chest, and having a clear shot of her lovely ladies, her bust size is usually the topic of discussion when PG is mentioned.

Aside from her physical attributes, PG is a strong female character in general. Confident, bold, and running her own company, Kara (as she goes by when not on the clock) is a forward thinking woman who knows what she wants and goes for it.


#3: Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanIt’s no surprise the unofficial mascot for female comic book characters is so high up on this list. Wonder Woman comes from an island inhabited by smoking hot Amazonian women just like her. However, Diana stands above the rest as the best of the best, being able to contend with Superman in an arm wresting match.

WW has that classic America-inspired costume that has stood the test of time. It’s no secret, too, that WW has been associated with bondage thanks to her trusty Lasso of Truth. WW has also been pegged as a lesbian due to her upbringing on an island populated only by warrior women. wonder woman 2

However, WW has on more than one occasion shown an interest in the men folk of Earth. Diana probably has the highest standards of anyone on this list, finding most men to be outright pigs and dismissing them quickly. Only true heroes like Steve Rogers, Batman, and Superman have been able to win the heart of the symbol of feminism.

Wonder Woman will continue to be a favorite of ladies on Halloween, and with her tiny costume that leads to some pretty awesome Halloweens.


#2: Rogue

RogueThere may be some bias in this choice, I’ll admit. Rogue was my first super hero crush, and has maintained her attractiveness over the years. Rogue has come in many flavors, be it green and yellow wi1209888236015th a low hanging belt, jungle warrior with tatters of cloth covering up the naughty bits, or a troubled Goth teen. In all of these versions she has always been the most curvaceous and strong woman on the page and screen.

The elements that make Rogue so hot are simple. 1) Southern belle accent. She speaks confidently and with purpose, but her words come out like sweet molasses, making conversations she in just that more delicious. 2) The curves. Even in a world of super-busty super heroes, Rogue manages to stand out as just a bit bustier. Not to mention those wide hips that keep a loose-fitting belt up in that delicious low-hanging fashion. 3) Forbidden fruit. Most notable about Rogue is her power, which disallows any skin-to-skin contact lest you want to wind up in a coma (or even dead). rogue 2

Rogue’s inability to have conventional sex without some kind of full body condom has led to many discussions to how she may work her way around that problem. This has caused Rogue to become something of a sexual topic – to be that sexually attractive but unable to do anything about it. It’s of course understood that as a fictional character she is already unobtainable, as are all of these women, but in the context of the world she is written it makes her all the more appealing. The only way to score a kiss with this flying beauty is when she gives you a smooch to steal your powers. The fact that she uses something so sweet and simple to completely incapacitate you again adds to her appeal.


#1: Poison Ivy

Poison IvyPoison Ivy, simply put, is the embodiment of lust. For that reason, she just had to poison ivy 2take the number one spot. Classically beautiful, green skin, red hair, full curves, an assumed lesbian relationship with a hot blonde, the power to seduce anyone she wants, most likely not a vegetarian in any way, a villainess, smart, able to fulfill your tentacle fetish with some plant vines, and much much more.

Many of Batman’s female rogues have risen to the top of the sexual ladder in the pantheon of comic book characters. With Batman’s history of nailing any hero and villain of his choosing, the girls just throwing themselves at him, it’s clear why so many hot villains choose to do battle with him. poison ivy 4Arguably the hottest, though, is of course Ms. Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isley.

Every version of her that comes out seems to hotter than the last. She sets the pages ablaze in any comic she’s poison ivy 3featured in, helped many boys through puberty during her run on Batman: the Animated Series, and recently made us play Batman: Arkham Asylum when she stepped out in just a two-sizes-too-small prison shirt. There is nothing this woman can’t do that can’t be perceived as sexual. It’s just not up to her anymore.

Ivy is one of those villains you hope you run into. Of course it’s a gamble when you do. You can either give you that mind-controlling kiss and have you do her bidding – or tear you asunder with some giant Venus Fly Traps. Worth it.

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